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Media Literacy

Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine has an in-depth look at one of my pet interests: media literacy.

It’s an essential skill, especially given the ill-informed comments from entertainers and politicians that are often reported as facts.

In addition to understanding how the media works, Jarvis thinks we need to be able to create media. Here’s his list:

  • knowing how to focus on a need for information and express that by crafting a query to find an answer
  • knowing how to judge the relevance and reliability of sources –
    including the PageRank-like skill of judging sources on sources
  • knowing how to create (and remix) content across all media types;
    knowing how to collaborate
  • understanding the impact of facts on perspective and perspective on opinion
  • understanding the impact of identity and anonymity
  • understanding the relationship of pieces of information that make up a larger story via links
  • understanding how to make and find corrections.

It’s a good list, to which I would add:

  • having a basic knowledge of copyright law
  • having the critical thinking skills and self-confidence to form a solid argument and speak out when the emperor needs a new tailor.

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