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Fancy a career in journalism?

You’re not alone. According to Jeff Jarvis, J-school applications are up in both New York and the UK.

That’s counter intuitive, given the layoffs and closures that are rocking the business. At least newswires appear to be doing well.

Many print reporters are finding they have to reinvent themselves, because there are so few jobs available. Courtesy of Newspaperdeathwatch here’s a prime example: Michale Precker, a Columbia grad and Pulitzer Prize nominee who now manages a strip club.

Precker may face competition for his new job if Obama’s pay caps for the financial services industry become a reality.

Six of the Washington press corp have passed on strip-club management, and picked another greasy pole to climb.

None of this bodes well for J-school grads or the industry as a whole, especially as we enter an era of increased regulation, where the media’s watchdog role will be more important than ever.

Update: Via Newspaperdeathwatch now you can track the media collapse in (near) real time on Twitter.


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