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The WWF works hard to raise environmental awareness in a city where green issues are often a low priority. But they do the people of Hong Kong no favors when they conflate our increasingly foul air with global warming. As Professor Anthony Hedley and others have repeatedly demonstrated, air pollution is killing people here. Right now. Global warming, while important, is a long-term threat the causes, effects and implications of which are still being investigated and debated.

That debate is being encouraged by U.S. Senator James Inhofe, who continues a campaign to remind people that there is no scientific consensus on many aspects of climate change.

The mainstream and business press has taken to pointing out some of the inconsistencies of the people promoting the global warming agenda, whether that’s Ban-ki Moon’s travel schedule or the environmental impacts of the Bali meeting. Why a teleconferencing equipment manufacturer has not stepped in to sponsor such events — saving the planet and generating some valuable PR — remains a mystery to me.

Another mystery: How (and why) would someone who clearly doesn’t like people find work as a obstetrician? Maybe Pope Benedict XVI has some ideas…


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