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Launching Landed China in Hong Kong

It’s going to be a busy week.

On Monday morning at 8:15, I will be appearing on Radio Television Hong Kong’s finance program, “Money for Nothing.” You can listen online here.

On Wednesday, I will deliver a luncheon speech at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club.  The FCC speech is open to the public and registration and details are available here.

I’m now planning additional speaking engagements in Hong Kong and elsewhere.


Landed China reviewed in China Law Blog

A very positive review of Landed China by Dan Harris in China Law Blog.

Harris says it is “clearly written, yet comprehensive and bursting with detail… a terrific starting point on how to buy real estate in China.”

The full review is here.

Launching Landed China in Shanghai

Landed China will be launched in Shanghai on Friday, April 19, at a lunch jointly sponsored by the Canadian, Benelux and Swiss chambers of commerce.

Details and registration are here.

Can China learn from America’s property busts?

Harvard’s Edward Glaeser has written an interesting paper about speculative real estate booms in the United States between 1790 and 1920.

Glaeser notes that property prices inside “the Loop” in Chicago went from $800 per acre in 1830 to $327,000 in 1836 and then fell to $38,000 in 1841 (in 2012 dollars). But by 1856, Chicago prices had surpassed their 1836 highs, a rebound similar to the one experienced in Hong Kong between 1997 and 2007.

Will Beijing and Shanghai follow a similar pattern?

Spike Japan on life in rural Japan

If you are thinking of buying a home in rural Japan, you should read the essays published by Spike Japan.

These thoughtful, well-written pieces capture the spirit and the day-to-day realities of Japan’s small towns and depopulated rural areas.

The author has stopped writing new essays, but says he will maintain the old posts.

And if you haven’t already done so, please check out the new consolidated Landed FaceBook page, which includes posts from Hong Kong, Japan and China.

Launching Landed China

I’m now lining up speaking engagements to launch Landed China in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Watch this space for details!

Landed China Arrives

After 25 months and 78,000 words, Landed China arrived from the printer this afternoon.

Landed China Arrives1

PERE Summit: Asia 2013

I’m moderating “The Big Debate” at PERE Summit: Asia 2013 in Hong Kong next Thursday.

Resolved: Private equity real estate firms should stop peddling China’s growth story and talk about distressed situations within its markets.

For the motion: David V. Madden, Managing Partner, DAC Financial Management (China). Against: Stuart Jackson, Head of Real Estate, InfraRed Capital Partners.

Lots of interesting speakers at this event, including Shui On’s Vincent Lo and Blackstone Group’s Jonathan Gray.

More here .

Hong Kong graves

Pokfulam gravesI got hit by a security guard for taking this picture — which does relate to real estate — so I have to share it.

In Hong Kong public cemeteries, you only rent graves for 10 years, which is extendable for another 10 years. At the end the lease the bones are disinterred, which is what you see here.

More on Hong Kong’s funeral business in this story from Time

In today’s Financial Times

I have a feature story in today’s Financial Times about buying a home in China.

Speaking of which, Landed China is now available for pre-order.