Landed Global explains how to buy international property

Key local knowledge you need to buy international real estate

In Landed Global, you’ll find:

Case studies about foreigners buying a California condo, purchasing a French farmhouse, buying a Phuket resort and building a Sri Lanka retreat
Case studies for a variety of budgets: from a US$50,000 Tokyo apartment to a $10 million country estate in County Waterford, Ireland
Information on all kinds of international real estate, from a ski chalet to a golf community and from a pied a terre to your own private island
Resources for people looking for the best place to retire, a second passport, arts and culture, beaches, low taxes and more
Opportunities—and risks—for international investors, including student accommodation, gentrification, distressed property and boomtown real estate
Clear explanations of freehold and leasehold ownership; the Torrens and deeds registration systems; and property rights, including mineral and water rights
Examples of how real estate is bought and sold in more than 110 countries and territories
Sources of international mortgages, including property loans for investors and end-users
Tips for managing risks—ranging from asbestos to meth lab clean ups and from money laundering to fraud—when you buy international property
Information about how FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) affects Americans buying international real estate
Key international differences, like laws that prohibit dual agency in Singapore and forbid real estate agents in Sweden from representing either the buyer or the seller
Tools to research your purchase and find lawyers, architects, home inspectors and other essential service providers

Praise for Landed Global

“If you are purchasing overseas property, Landed Global is a must read. It’s well written, easy to follow and bound to protect your interests and save you money.”

Craig Shute

Senior Managing Director, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, CBRE

More praise for Landed Global

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About the Author

Christopher Dillon, author of Landed Global

Christopher Dillon is an award-winning writer and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong.

In 2002, he bought and renovated a floor in an office building in Hong Kong’s Central business district. Since then, he has purchased and refurbished a luxury apartment on the west side of Hong Kong Island and transformed a derelict steam laundry into a multimedia studio. He began investing in Tokyo real estate in 2010.

That experience inspired four books: Landed: The expatriate's guide to buying and renovating property in Hong Kong (2008); Landed: The guide to buying property in Japan (2010); Landed China (2013); and Landed Global (2014).

In 2015, he released an expanded and revised edition of the Hong Kong book under the title Landed Hong Kong.

A native of Canada, Chris Dillon lived in Tokyo from 1989 to 1992. He appears regularly in the international media, as both a contributor and a guest.



294 pages

152 × 228 mm

Published 2014

ISBN 978-988-17147-6-3

DRM-free Mobi/Kindle and EPUB ebooks available