Hong Kong businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to civil unrest

Is your business ready for Hong Kong’s civil unrest?

August 16, 2019—As protests in Hong Kong intensify, they are having a growing impact on the city’s businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here are some business continuity planning (BCP) and communication strategies for SMEs dealing with civil unrest. People first Your business won’t survive a major interruption without the support of your staff. […]

Reviving my blog

June 9, 2016—With the recent relaunch of the Dillon Communications website, I’m also reviving my blog. In the process, I’m updating some of the old blog posts from Beneath the Peak about media, media relations, writing, presentations and communications, and writing new posts about these topics. I will also highlight resources—including books, websites and software—that […]

A pleasant surprise

May 25, 2016 — On Tuesday night, I had a pleasant surprise when I received the following email from the letters editor of the South China Morning Post. I’ve redacted the author’s name, but the letter is otherwise complete. Dear letter writers, I am writing to tell you that this is my last week as […]