Hong Kong businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to civil unrest

Is your business ready for Hong Kong’s civil unrest?

August 16, 2019—As protests in Hong Kong intensify, they are having a growing impact on the city’s businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here are some business continuity planning (BCP) and communication strategies for SMEs dealing with civil unrest. People first Your business won’t survive a major interruption without the support of your staff. […]

Freedom of speech in Hong Kong

October 9, 2018—The Hong Kong government rejected an application by Victor Mallet, a British journalist working for the Financial Times and vice president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, to have his work permit extended. The story broke on Friday, October 5, and Hong Kong authorities have declined to explain the decision, despite expressions of concern […]

Chinese sensitivities

October 2, 2018—In China, many topics—including independence movements, criticism of senior officials and references to Winnie the Pooh—are banned from social and conventional media. Now, as trade frictions between China and the United States intensify, the New York Times reports there is a new list of topics that must be “managed”: ■ Worse-than-expected data that […]

Cross-cultural myths

January 26, 2007 — Via a piece on Seth Godin’s blog about cross-cultural communications, here’s something I didn’t know about one the most enduring cross-cultural myths. Snopes.com explains that the old chestnut about the Chevy Nova selling poorly in Mexico because “Nova” means “won’t go” in Spanish is false. And while we’re on the topic […]