Media training is delivered by Christopher Dillon

Media Training

Dillon Communications' media training programs are tailored to your specific needs and the real-world issues confronting your organization.


Our training programs are delivered by Christopher Dillon, a Canadian entrepreneur with more than 2o years' experience in Asia. In addition to having trained more than 300 executives throughout Asia, Christopher has written for the Financial Times and other publications and is interviewed regularly in the print and electronic media, both in Hong Kong and internationally. That experience translates into real-world insights about the questions that journalists ask as well as practical considerations, like what to expect when you do a remote TV interview over a satellite up-link.


Dillon Communications' media training programs are tailored to your trainees' needs,  whether they are newcomers preparing for their first interview or C-suite veterans who have recently arrived in Asia. Our interview simulations include tough, topical questions that are specific to your industry, as well as the simple questions that can be surprisingly hard to answer. We've trained bankers, electrical engineers, authors, management consultants, high-frequency traders and apparel and telecommunications executives, among others.

Post-training support

Clients taking a Dillon Communications' media training course receive free telephone follow up. We also offer interview rehearsal and message creation services on an hourly basis.

Corporate integration

Many of our clients are supported by in-house corporate communications teams. We help these executives understand the corporate communications function and the services it provides and explain how to work effectively with in house communications staff. For small organizations, we offer resources to help them prepare like their larger peers.


Dillon Communications' media training programs do not use freelance camera operators and your interview simulations never leave our custody. All our training services—from initial planning through analysis and follow-up—are covered by a nondisclosure agreement. You can rehearse sensitive interviews in complete confidence.


Sometimes, a face-to-face interview is the perfect way to deliver your message. But there are times when the schedule, media outlet or subject are problematic. Our training includes techniques for politely declining an interview—by providing a two-sentence quote by email, by escalating the interview request to your head office corporate communications team or by explaining why you cannot comment on pending litigation—while maintaining a cordial relationship with the reporter and leaving the door open to future interviews.