Christopher Dillon's presentation training service is based on his extensive public-speaking experience

Presentation tune-ups

A presentation tune-up is a two-hour-long presentation training workshop that focuses exclusively on you and your needs

In a presentation tune-up, you can refine your public speaking skills, prepare for an important speech or fix a specific problem.

How does it work?

We start with a questionnaire that identifies the areas you want to cover in the presentation training workshop. We review the questionnaire, along with background materials—such as video of previous presentations or a slide deck—before the presentation training workshop.

If your speech involves sensitive or confidential information, we'll execute a non-disclosure agreement.

Then we meet for two hours in your office, where we work on the issues you've identified. Coaching is delivered one-on-one, to ensure it's useful and relevant.

A same-day presentation training service is available for emergencies. All rates include preparation, equipment and workshop time.

Extra rehearsal time is available, as are writing and editing services.

A different approach to presentation training

Presentation tune-ups are tailored to your specific needs. We help clients:

  • Present with more impact
  • Plan, write and polish presentations
  • Rehearse with video-based critiques
  • Practice questions and answers
  • Calm nerves and build confidence
  • Minimize ums, aahs and other distractions
  • Use presentation technology effectively
  • Prevent technical and logistical problems
  • Exploit video and social media
  • Find their authentic speaking voice
  • Moderate panel discussions with authority
  • Chair conferences with confidence

We also work with communications professionals to reinforce corporate standards and prepare executives for important presentations.

Christopher Dillon's presentation training service is based on his experience moderating panel discussions

Tune-up your presentation today

Presentation tune-ups are delivered by Christopher Dillon, a veteran communicator who provides training services to leading organizations throughout Asia.

Based in Hong Kong, Christopher appears on radio and television, speaks at and chairs conferences, and moderates panel discussions.

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