Dillon Communications' research services use a range of tools and techniques


Dillon Communications' writing services are underpinned by solid research skills.

This ranges from one-on-one interviews and multicountry surveys to onsite investigations and comprehensive reviews of academic and media databases.

  • A multinational corporation commissioned Dillon Communications to analyze facilities in the airside sections of seven international airports in Asia. We created a cost-effective solution that discreetly collected the required data and then assembled it into a detailed report.
  • For a Japanese electronics manufacturer, we designed and managed a survey of more than 300 chief information officers and information technology directors in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The survey covered access-control systems based on biometric and radio frequency identification technology.
  • During the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2002–3, we produced daily updates that combined information from the media, supranational organizations and national and local governments. In addition to alerting the client to the emergence of SARS before it gained widespread media attention, we distilled rumors, speculation, hard news and scientific research into actionable reports. A similar service was provided during the 2004 avian flu outbreak.
  • Starting in 2008, our research skills were used to create the Landed series of real estate books: Landed Hong Kong, Landed Japan, Landed China and Landed Global, which includes data from more than 110 countries and territories. The Landed books combine interviews with homeowners, architects, bankers and developers, with literature reviews covering legal, engineering, environmental and economic topics.
  • In 2015, Christopher Dillon moderated two emotionally charged town hall meetings for an international school. In addition to collecting and analyzing stakeholders' opinions, he designed a system to ensure that everyone—not just the most vocal audience members—had an opportunity to speak at the meetings.